The Walking Dead Season 11 Netflix Release Date

Among the legendary series of recent years, we can certainly mention The Walking Dead. It has brought zombies back to the fore while maintaining a good level of suspense and managing to reinvent itself throughout the seasons.

Thus, Netflix will host the last 24 episodes of the series in July. On July 23, 2022 to be exact.

Michael Holt, the second Mister Terrific

Michael Holt is from the modern age of DC, created by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake in June 1997, more specifically he debuted in number 54 of the third volume of The Specter.

Holt, like Sloane, does not possess any super powers, and also has the intelligence of a genius, as he is equally an Olympic-level athlete and a master of martial arts. But Holt uses technology that allows him to remain undetected by modern technology. He also managed to develop a nanotechnology that he implemented in his mask and suit to improve senses, communication and functions that he stores in the databases of his T-Spheres, which function as a computer, holographic projection unit, weapons, projectives and many more. other uses.

What happens after Season 11 drops?

the walking dead It’s such a long and complicated story that many fans would love to go back to the beginning and relive it all. However, will the zombie horror series leave the streaming channel after the release of season 11? The Walking Dead is expected to leave Netflix around 2026.

In the long term, the show will be exclusive to Disney+ outside of the US. Different seasons are available in some regions. In the US, however, The Walking Dead is expected to remain exclusively on AMC+.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Release Date

Traditionally, Netflix has new seasons just before the next one begins on AMC, but that won’t be the case here. Although we don’t expect this to happen, it’s worth remembering. With an extended season, and that it might have a game by the time the Netflix launches.

Both Netflix US and Netflix Canada have released previous seasons together, so we expect this trend to continue.

Will The Walking Dead leave Netflix after season 11?

Yes, The Walking Dead will eventually leave Netflix, though how many years is unknown. We can look at other AMC programs for guidance. If The Walking Dead follows Hell on Wheels release schedule, we’ll see the show leaving Netflix in 2026.

Outside the United States, the show’s new streaming home is a long-term exclusive on Disney+ . There, the show is currently in various regions, including the UK.

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