The Old Guard 2 Netflix Release Date

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They have had to stop filming the Netflix movie The Old Guard 2 due to a big production problem.

The first installment of this action saga was released in 2020 and was a huge success. That’s why Netflix didn’t take long to order a sequel that can be seen in 2023. Now they’re in the middle of filming The Old Guard 2 and they’ve had a big problem because a fire on a Renaissance set at Cinecettà Studios has caused them to stop everything.

For now, the causes of the fire have not been identified, but it must be remembered that these film studios are over 85 years old. When the fire was brought under control, Cinecittà Studios spokesman Marlon Pellegrini confirmed that no one was injured. While the production coordinator of La vieja guardia 2, Natalia Barbosa, affirms that this incident has delayed her shooting schedule by two days.

the old guard 2 will change director

Gina Prince-Bythewood directed the first film but she will not return for the sequel, although she will remain a producer. She told Deadline in August 2021, “I love the old guard and the story and the characters that I was honored to bring to the world. It was exciting to disrupt the genre,” adding, “I have decided not to direct the sequel, but I will stay on as a producer. I am leaving our franchise in good hands as my girlfriend Vic Mahoney tackles this next chapter.

Instead, the director’s chair goes to Victoria Mahoney, who starred in the Star Wars franchise.

What is The Old Guard 2 about?

The second film is set to adapt book two of the Force Multiplied comic series.

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