Blacklist Season 9 Netflix Release Date

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When does The Blacklist come back?

Although NBC renewed The Blacklist for season 10, the network opted to keep the long-running veteran series on the sidelines until halfway through the season. That means season 10 didn’t premiere on the fall schedule in September or October with other hit NBC series like the Chicago franchise, La Brea, Law & Order, New Amsterdam, and more.

The series previously had a midseason premiere for its sixth season, when it premiered on January 3, 2019. As of October 2022, NBC has yet to announce its midseason schedule. The Blacklist could return with Season 10 starting in January 2023, but keep an eye out for the official premiere date.

Some Netflix regions receive weekly Blacklist episodes

Some Netflix regions are lucky enough to receive weekly Blacklist episodes.

Those receiving weekly episodes include:

Some Netflix regions will receive weekly episodes of The Blacklist

Some Netflix regions are lucky enough to receive weekly episodes of The Blacklist .

Netflix regions with weekly episodes of The Blacklist and will continue to do so until the end of May 2022, including:

Why The Blacklist isn’t on Netflix in the UK

Most of Netflix is ​​blacklisted with few notable exceptions.

The biggest exception is Netflix UK, which doesn’t have access to the show as the rights (both stream and streaming) have been sold to Sky.

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