A Year in the Life Season 2 Release Date Netflix

As every month, Netflix continues to expand its international catalog of series and it seems that Spanish productions are again the favorites of the public, something that is more than clear with Entrevías. This series, which joined the platform on May 20, has already become quite the rage, positioning itself among the main audience rankings around the world, so it is understandable that its fans are anxious for a second season. Next, we tell you everything that is known so far.

The first thing to remember about this thriller created by David Bermejo is that, as happened with the premiere of El Marginal, it was a production originally created to be broadcast on television through the Telecinco network. Despite not being common in these times where streaming platforms dominate the business, the series did incredibly well on its first broadcast in February of this year. However, it would not be long until Netflix took over the rights and thus be able to broadcast it.

The German historical and romantic drama about Elizabeth of Austria, better known as Sissi, will return for a second season after the huge success of the first

What we like about royal stories, with its good things and also its bad things, with the dramas and the monarchic romances… One of the last, always with the connivance of ‘The Crown’ which is currently the head of the racket of series about monarchies, has been ‘The Empress’ ( Die Kaiserin, in its original German)

The German series has been a total hit, captivating audiences. So much so that it has appeared on Netflix’s Global Top 10 Non-English Language TV Shows list for five consecutive weeks and topping the Top 10 in 88 countries around the world, including Mexico, Brazil, the UK, Italy, Austria , Switzerland, Australia and his country of origin, Germany.

The protagonists

Verónica Torres (Tainá Muller) will be the main protagonist of the story. The death of a young woman in front of her and a desperate call for help from her will transform her from a simple secretary to a police officer in the city of São Paulo. But little by little she will see the corruption that exists within her body and she will decide to leave everything because she does not want to belong to a group of that ilk.

Precisely within the police will be Wilson Carvana (Antonio Grassi), who will recognize his own problems with the body but will simply hide his faults. But the main antagonist of the story will be Claudio (Eduardo Moscovis). He will be an abusive and gangster who will believe himself above good and evil, which will cause the biggest conflict in the series.

When will season 2 come to Netflix?

Unfortunately for Netflix subscribers, Demon Slayer season 2 will be a long wait.

The second season of the anime premiered on Crunchyroll in the summer of 2021, but didn’t end until February 2022.

‘Sex/Life’ season 2: How will the story continue?

What a roller coaster the first season of ‘Sex/Life’ has been. One with countless sex scenes, which is the backbone of the story. Billie, the protagonist, has faced a very complicated decision within the love triangle in which she has been involved. Which path should she take? Her past relationship with Brad was turbulent and pain-filled, but their sexual chemistry remains overwhelming even eight years later. What she feels with him she hasn’t felt with anyone, not even with her current husband, Cooper.

The truth is that her protagonists have already confirmed their return on their personal IG accounts, so we will have to wait for this “hot” news that summer will bring us soon.

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