A Quiet Place 2 Hbo Max Release Date

There are two entries in the A Quiet Place franchise in the Paramount works. One is a sequel to the two previous movies, so we’ll call it A Quiet Place Part III until we’re told otherwise. This one is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2025. The other project is a spin-off, one that Jeff Nichols (Midnight Special) has been writing and directing for a while. When Nichols retired, he was replaced by Pig director Michael Sarnoski. This “spin-off” originally had a March 2023 release date, then it was pushed back to September. Now, Variety reports that it has another new release date: March 8, 2024.

Details of this spin-off are being kept under wraps, but it finally has an official title. It’s called A Quiet Place: Day One. The story will be set in the same world established in the first two films, but apparently doesn’t focus on the Abbott family, the characters we’ve followed throughout the two films directed by John Krasinski.

A Quiet Place Part 2 will not be available on HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon

There was a bit of confusion among viewers on how to watch A Quiet Place 2, as many people are used to watch the latest movie releases on HBO Max. But those are really just the Warner Bros. movies coming out on HBO Max. Meanwhile, A Quiet Place 2 is a Paramount movie, so it won’t premiere on HBO Max or Netflix.

Within 45 days of its initial theatrical release (July 12), you can watch A Quiet Place 2 on Paramount Plus (formerly known as CBS All Access).

You can sign up for the service now if you want to catch other post-apocalyptic shows, like The Stand, while you wait.

Movie A Quiet Place: Day One Release Date

For starters, how long will the wait be for the movie? A bit long unfortunately. According to the source, A Quiet Place: Day One will be in theaters on March 8, 2024. That’s right, not this year or next, but in early 2024. Previously, the movie was supposed to open on September 22. of 2023. So that’s it. Totally late.

Plot details are unknown, but we know from the title that it will tie into the Quiet Place universe. “Day One” reveals that the events of the film will take place before the first A Quiet Place film.

Is A Quiet Place 2 on Amazon Prime?

No, it’s not available on Amazon Prime, but it’s in high demand and the movie will surely be available soon. So stay tuned and connected.

Yes. A Quiet Place 2 is available on HBO Max, and you can find it in the thriller section. Currently, only A Quiet Place 2 is only available on HBO Max, but it will be coming to other streaming platforms soon.

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