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Neben for Creative Cloud (siehe Meldung) is no longer new to the review tool: therefore no longer a new app for Apple TV 4K; Camera to Cloud (C2C) – Integration with Filmic Pro, Atomos, Teradek, Viviana Cloud and FDX FilmDataBox; a new native integration of FilmLight’s Farbkorrektursystems Baselight; und leistungsstarke Sicherheitsfunktionen wie Digital Rights Management und die Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung.

Der Teradek Serv 4K setzt seine Unterstützung für Camera to Cloud fort und bietet nun die Möglichkeit, automatic bandbreitenarme, Timecode-genaue 10-Bit-4K-HEVC-Proxys von Original-Kameradateien führender digitaler Kinokameras sofort an Frame. io zu senden. v6 – Notifications, After Effects and iOS

One thing I didn’t like about was the notification system. In fact, once someone leaves comments, they open a project and you might get a dozen lines of comments. As an editor, it’s stressful and messy, and I think we can agree that we all hate having multiple lines to scroll through and search for things to change. Now, in v3.6, notifications are grouped together. Of course, you can always filter it by read/unread/completed. This will make life easier for editors and give them a better overview.

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Move to and copy to

There it is now an easier way to organize your assets with an improved “Move To” and “Copy To” flow. It is claimed to be a faster and more intuitive way to move assets and folders.

What if you want to work without Internet access? has introduced “offline mode” for its iOS apps so you can work from anywhere.

Workflow test

I have an iPhone SE and the software, so it was time to run some workflow tests on a what-if scenario. Here’s the premise: three members of the production team (actually, me, of course), all located in different cities. The videographer is on the spot. The producer is in another city and is going to do a quick tour of the content of the story. The editor is still in a third location and will conform the high resolution camera files, add effects, graphics, color correction and finish mixing to deliver the final product. Of course, I’m a workflow nerd, so producer and editor will use different NLEs, well, just because they can.

Before you begin, create a project in and enable C2C in the project settings. If you don’t, the camera has no place to load clips. In the settings panel of the Filmic Pro app, please log in the Frame account to access the C2C compatible project. Now you are ready.

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