How To Downgrade From IOs 15

Immer wieder kriegen wir Anfragen, wie ein Downgrade von iOS 15 auf iOS 14 funktioniert, z.B.

Das Ganze is not that simple, that is, installing a beta version of iOS 15 and man benötigt für den Downgrade on a computer. Der Vorgang funktioniert übrigens sowohl mit einem Windows-PC als auf einem Mac-Computer. Wenn man einmal weiß, wie der Ablauf ist, dann ist es auch recht einfach für Jedermann umzusetzen. Und das Gute ist, dass es auch komplett ohne Datenverlust funktioniert.

How to downgrade from iOS 16.1.1 to iOS 16.1

Here’s what you need to do to downgrade to iOS 16.1 on your iPhone. During the downgrade, you can’t use your phone, so you’ll have to open it on your computer or other device.

If you make an archive backup, you can use it after you restore it. If you do this right after updating to iOS 16.1.

1, you might have a backup of iOS 16.0.3 available in iCloud or on your computer.

Why downgrade?

Downgrading the iPhone is not something the masses do. If you are looking to downgrade your iPhone to an older version of iOS than what is currently installed, you may already have your specific reasons.

Most of the time, users may want to upgrade from a beta version of iOS to a previous stable non-beta version. Sometimes a particular app or service may not work on the latest version of iOS and you may want to downgrade.

iPhones not compatible with iOS 16

Our readers have reported 15 issues and bugs from day one of iOS 16 and several other bugs exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro.

Apple released iOS 16.0.2 with a number of bug fixes, but not all of them seem to work. For example, touch screen issues for iPhone models with screen replacement have not been resolved, although a fix is ​​confirmed in the update log!

Requirements to downgrade iOS 16

    • Download iOS 15.7 IPSW here that matches your iPhone model
    • iOS 15.x IPSW firmware must be actively signed by Apple. you can check the IPSW signing status here
    • A Mac or Windows PC with Finder or iTunes
    • A Lightning USB cable to connect iPhone to the computer
    • A connection to Internet


    • A full backup of your iPhone to iCloud or to a computer, in case something goes wrong so you can recover your data

Assuming you meet these requirements, you are ready to remove iOS 16 from your iPhone and go back to iOS 15.

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