How Long Does The IOs 15.6 1 Update Take

However, there is an easy way to determine if the update is still in progress or not. Just press one of the hardware buttons on the iPhone. If you see the message “iPhone will reboot after the update is complete”, you don’t have to worry because the process is going as it should.

But if you press the button and don’t see the message, the update is most likely stuck.


After installation is complete, you may need to spend some time signing in to your iCloud account, signing in to the various apps and services on your device, and/or or configuring upload Apple Pay.

You may also want to spend some time reviewing your important data (photos, music, etc.) to make sure everything is transferred correctly.

Apple Servers

Apple servers functionality may never occur to you as a reason for a delayed update, but sometimes it affects your update. There are millions of iPhone users around the world, and many of them try to install an update as soon as Apple releases it.

  • Servers will become overloaded and slow down. You can check the Apple system status to see if it is working fine. When you get to the system status page, look for a green dot for iCloud account and sign-in, App Store, etc.
  • If a green dot is missing, it means that you will have to wait for Apple to fix the server before updating your device.
  • Network connection

Messy storage space

Before downloading the latest version of iOS, be sure to free up space and tidy up your iPhone. You may experience unwanted issues while updating software if your smartphone is messy. So, please throw all worthless files, videos and audios to Trash to free up enough space for system to work.

When you choose to update to iOS 15 beta it is also very important because it is quite recent. A large number of users are upgrading to the new version. This causes Apple’s servers to become overloaded during peak hours. Therefore, the ideal time to update is in the morning. This gives plenty of time for automatic updates to complete the process because there is no overhead because many people are still asleep.

Make sure your iPhone is clean

While not a solution on its own, make sure you clean your iPhone before downloading the latest iOS beta. If the space of your smartphone is cluttered, you may encounter unexpected problems while updating the software. Therefore, before downloading the software, get rid of all unnecessary files, screenshots and music to create enough space for the operating system.

While I always love digging into preview software and discovering new features, I make sure to download it to a secondary device. This ensures that random bugs or crashes in the test build do not affect my daily work.

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