Will Frank Ocean Release A New Album

Frank Ocean had fans going wild this week when he completely emptied his Instagram page of all the publications. The account, which is now empty apart from his profile

picture, led fans on Twitter to believe that he may finally be working on a new album.

Although Ocean has yet to publicly confirm or deny the internet rumors, it would be a new album her first since 2016’s Blonde, which topped the Billboard 200 Albums chart as of September 10, 2016 and has spent an impressive 295 weeks on the chart. Six years later, Blonde is currently on the Billboard 200 dated September 24, 2022 at number 109. Ocean last released two singles in March 2020, “Dear April” and “Falling”.

Fans of Frank Ocean noticed that the singer-songwriter emptied his Instagram account, sparking rumors of new music from him as

New Frank Ocean music might be on the way. On Monday, September 26, fans of the blond artist noticed that he had emptied his Instagram account, a clear sign from other artists that a new album is coming soon. While Ocean’s second album, Blonde, was released in 2016, the singer-songwriter will headline Coachella in 2023, after her performance at the 2020 festival was delayed due to the pandemic. Travis Scott and Rage Against the Machine were also scheduled to headline Coachella that year.

Frank Ocean has cleaned up his Instagram page, leading fans to believe he’s gearing up to release new music.


What will the album be about?

Really? Only higher ups can tell, but if our sniffing is useful, we guess with the mention of psychedelics, it could be something that sounds good to the people who take them? in the aforementioned episode of Blonded Radio, Ocean sits down with a microdosing expert for a conversation overlaid with an electronic instrumental produced by himself, of course. The microdosing expert explains how vital it is to choose the right track to stumble upon, which he believes was just an instrumental piece, because the brain essentially works at lightning speeds. If that’s something that’s happening, that could be the path you’re walking. Though if he serves up an entire record without his sweet, soulful voice to cry on, we’ll be shooting at dawn.

Your guess is as good as mine at this point, but we’ve got a few clues: judging by how most other musicians work on their releases, we might assume that because Ocean has to play Coachella in 2023, we could have an album right before their headlining show in about 9 months. On the other hand, there’s Frank Ocean, who rarely does anything in a predictable or standard way, so it’s hard to make any big statements right now. All we can say is that after a 6-year drought, a bit of ocean might be on the horizon, if you catch my drift.

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