What is Staking in Crypto

It is possible to do staking in two ways. At first, it is using a specific wallet or physical device, which you need to buy. Another way is through a staking pool.

Among the cryptos that make staking possible, Ethereum is one of the most famous. Some multi-asset portfolios do not allow staking:

Why do staking?

Some of the advantages of doing staking are noted throughout the text and it is possible to perceive that, in addition to being lucrative, this technique of investing is very interesting.

Other positive points of investment in staking are:

Types of Staking

They are groups of users who come together to increase their possibilities as block validators. So they unify all their funds to have greater staking power. Then, when they receive the rewards, they divide them among all the participants equal to the individual contribution each made.

This method allows small users or new users to participate in the network regardless of the amount of assets they own. Contributing to its decentralization.

How does cryptocurrency staking work?

I bet you are already getting interested in crypto betting because it is already clear that all you need to do is deposit the money and win fortunes with it.

You are very much in order because no one wants to take the long and winding road to wealth when there are shortcuts to get around.

In crypto staking, a person who already holds a crypt on a particular blockchain allows ownership of it to be open for verification of new transactions. Remember, for any new crypto to come to life and be part of a block, a long mining process must take place.

As stated, staking is a practice that does not exist in blockchains using proof of stake, or preuve d’enjeu en français. This method of consensus was born in 2012 in opposition to the three classique « proof of work » (PoW), ou preuve de travail, démocratisée par Bitcoin. From plus to plus, the precaution of work poses serious energy problems due to its low efficiency. Cela vient également empieter sur sa scalabilité, en deçà des exigences actuelles et futures.

Au lieu d’utiliser des machines de minages, qui tournent en permanence dans le but de résoudre des problèmes mathématiques complexes, la preuve d’enjeu repose sur le dépôt d’une caution pour fonctionner. Even so, the détenteurs de cryptomonnaies (celle native to the blockchain concerned) are appealed to verrouiller leurs actifs, in order to financially secure the blockchain. Of this nature, a person willing to attack the aurait réseau besoin d’obtenir 51% des crypto-actifs bloqués, soit a financial effort trop conséquent pour des blockchains bien developpées.

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