When is the new Spiderman movie coming out

According to information from The Cosmic Circus, which in the recent past has already released multiple leaks about the upcoming productions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, those directed by Kevin Feige intend to release Spider-Man 4 on July 12, 2024. Obviously The The news is surprising, since most expected that the new arachnid movie would make them wait longer.

Therefore, Spider-Man 4 would be set in the final moments of Phase 5. Precisely two weeks before the premiere of Thunderbolts. However, the closeness to the latter raised doubts about the information from the aforementioned medium. While Marvel is no stranger to scheduling releases relatively close together, such a short window has never been presented before.

Spider-Man’s Sacrifice

In an interview with The New York Times, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and Sony executive Amy Pascal teased this would come with the MCU’s fourth solo Spider-Man. movie. When asked about the working relationship between Sony and Disney, Pascal expressed hope that the two studios will continue to work together on major projects for the foreseeable future.

“We are producers, so we always believe that everything will work out. I love working with Kevin. We have a great partnership, with Tom Rothman, who leads Sony and has been instrumental, a great leader with great ideas. I hope so.” lasts forever.

The release date of Spider-Man 4 is still unknown. This could be the date Marvel Studios is considering Spider-Man.

The President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige announced at San Diego Comic Con 2022 the films, series and release dates of the next two phases of the MCU, which will bear the title of the successful multiverse saga of No Way Home, they did not say anything about Spider- Man 4 They spoke very briefly in a subsequent interview but nothing came of their deal, the Marvel Cinematic Universe quickly changed their plans This means there’s a chance they’ll do the same when they conclude a new deal But, for that, there’s still what to expect

The expected dates for the release of the films in the different countries

Worldwide release dates of Spider-man: No Way Home and the extended version, the older version Complete Entries must be To be for sale.

  • August 31, 2022: Indonesia
  • September 1: United States, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Qatar, Oman, New Zealand, Mexico, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Hong Kong, Ethiopia, Egypt, Canada, Bahrain and Australia.
  • September 2: Vietnam, UK, Turkey, Taiwan and India.
  • September 7: Belgium, France, Brazil and the Philippines.
  • September 8: Malaysia, Singapore, Germany.
  • September 9: Japan.
  • September 18: Italy
  • September 23: Spain
  • October 6: South Korea.

Madame Web

In this film, actress Dakota Johnson will play Cassandra Webb, a woman on her way to becoming the main character we’ve seen in comics and TV series. saga. . For now, she will look younger, but it is hoped that at some point she will acquire the wisdom of the multiverse so that she can give advice to the friendly neighbor from New York.

Premiere on July 7, 2023.

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