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Friends and fans of the mythical television series “Sex and the City”, this week you are in luck because the second installment of the film franchise is being released in our country. On the occasion of the Corpus Christi celebrations in Madrid, Seville, Granada and Toledo, the act is brought forward to Thursday, June 3. The rest of the cities will maintain the release date of Friday, June 4. As in the first installment, Michael Patrick King returns to direct and write the new adventures of the most famous girls in the Big Apple. I remind the most clueless that the television series was created by Darren Star, based on the characters from the novel by Candace Bushnell. The film stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon in their lead roles, with John Corbett and Chris Noth reprising these famous TV characters. No one better than our collaborator Cantal Ceña, for her deep knowledge in the field of fashion and for being a fan of the cathodic product, to attend the press pass and cover this cinematographic event that does not stop having certain doses of fun, fashion and friendship. . .

My experience with Sex and the City 2 was the same as reading an issue of Vogue magazine. Both have an unbeatable and attractive cover that is obvious and makes you want to know the content. In fact, I think that all (and all, there are) fans of Sex and the City, since we found out that there was a second part we went crazy to see it. The standard was high, the first film did not disappoint. So when I saw the billboards on the marquees or the trailer on You Tube, I was already nervous. Well, that “new issue”, with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover, is out now. And when I saw it, the same thing happened to me that happened to me with Vogue: a precious and perfect showcase of glamour, beauty, trends and even trips with which to delight the eye, but a text (in this case an argument) weak and with a girl

Charlotte York

Sex and the City 2 is available to rent on the Rakuten television platform. If you want to start watching it, you just have to enter Rakuten TV and pay the cost of €3.99. Sex and the City 2 is available for rent on Apple iTunes. If you want to rent it, you just have to go to Apple’s iTunes site and pay the cost of €2.99. The film is available for purchase on Apple’s iTunes site.

If you want to buy the movie, you just have to go to Apple’s iTunes site and pay the price of €10.99.

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Where to buy the movie Sex and the City 2 in digital format?

After its hugely popular 6-year run on HBO, Sex and the City has spawned two movies and now a rebooted limited series, which premiered over a decade after the last movie. The new And That Easy… series takes a decidedly darker tone than its predecessor with the shocking death of Mr. Big (Chris Noth), which is evident in the first two episodes of the HBO Max series.

At first glance, the characters in And So On… don’t seem to have changed much, but there are some significant developments that will likely cause them to change direction as the series continues. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mr. Big, whose relationship was toxic from the start, now appear to be in a stable and communicative marriage. That’s what makes it especially hard to watch, as the latter has a heart attack after training and dies in Carrie’s arms. As it turns out, Mr. Big’s death could solve a general franchise problem.

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