New movie of Alex de la iglesia

‘Cage’ tells the story of Paula (Elena Anaya) and her husband (Pablo Molinero), who, upon returning from dinner, suddenly find a girl who wanders alone along the way (Eva Tennear). During the two weeks that she remains in the hospital, no one claims the young woman, so she goes with them to live temporarily in her house. A girl obsessed with monsters and convinced that if she steps out of a chalk painting on the floor, something bad can happen to her.

Shooting more complicated than usual

Shooting in Venice requires a rather complex and ambitious production plan. Nothing could be further from the truth, Álex de la Iglesia and his team had to leave the land vehicles to get on the boats that allowed them to navigate the canals. The physical and mental level increases by having to adapt to the local situation. In fact, in the words of the director himself, all the lighting in Veneciafrenia was done with battery-powered lights. After all, having a team full of people he’s worked with before makes projects of this difficulty successful.

Distributed by Sony Pictures Spain, Veneciafrenia will be released in dozens of cinemas throughout Spain. In addition, it must be borne in mind that the film can be seen online on Amazon Prime Video after it has been in theaters.

In this way, viewers will have the opportunity to see the film on both the small and big screens. Overall, the feature film has already had an exclusive premiere within the framework of the 2021 Sitges Film Festival.

Álex de la Iglesia and his producer Pokeepsie Films and Telecinco Cinema are working on a new film. A heroic fantasy action adventure titled ‘Mandrake’. This will be the fifth joint work between the Spanish director and the subsidiary of the Mediaset Spain group after ‘The Child’s Room’, ‘The Oxford Murders’, ‘Perfect Strangers’ and the most recent, ‘The Fourth Passenger’ -still unpublished- .

Álex de la Iglesia, also a director, co-wrote this adventure with Jelen Morales (“La Petite Suisse”) in which the filmmaker returns to one of his favorite genres: fantastic cinema.

Who are the protagonists of the film?

Alberto San Juan plays Julián, a 50-year-old divorcee. In order to travel, he decides to share his car with strangers, so that they can share the expenses. Blanca Suárez plays a neighbor of Julián’s, Lorena, who for several months has been touring Madrid with Julián, who invites her to this next trip to be able to declare himself. Two other passengers join this trip: Sergio (Rubén Cortada) who is a free spirit and Juan Carlos (Ernesto Alterio) an indefinable man.

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